Episode 13: Carly and Me

Posted June 14th, 2010

Welcome to Episode Thirteen, in which your heroines discuss the unfortunate women rising to the top of Republican politics and the sad state of this season’s very ugly footwear.carly

If you cannot see the player above, click HERE to download the file.

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3 Responses to “Episode 13: Carly and Me”

  1. MarinaBabe says:

    Love Carly…better than our arrogant, nasty Boxer who never met a tax she didn’t like.

  2. Tim Corrimal says:

    Hey Darbi.
    I found your show while putting together my show notes posting with Lizz and my other guests for Pride weekend in NYC, which was a live show on pride48.com, and subscribed to your show in iTunes. LOVE LOVE LOVE you both on the show. I’ve downloaded all of the episodes and you have a new fan. Keep doing what you are doing!!!! It’s great to hear our Progressive Political Community in Action!!!!

  3. It’s awesome that blog owners have adequate time to crank out great posts so consistently. The whole net is a bit like that, I guess. Anyway, terrific post, I really enjoyed reading through it. Hopefully more in the future :) ~ Emily

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